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Our History

Honikomb Value



Honikomb has been involved in oil and gas since 1984, offering services to companies and contractors operating in the Nigerian energy sector

Honikomb Value

Honikomb brings over thirty years of expertise to every client situation. We utilise the knowledge we have developed to create solutions that address each client’s unique needs. This experience also allows us to assess the feasibility of projects, the performance risk associated with operations and to implement measures to ensure efficient execution

Our clients face unprecedented challenges as they strive to meet their internal goals and benchmarks. Our response to their challenges is to provide clients with world-class services specific to the Nigerian market, executed by a world class team.

Health, Safety, and Environment

Honikomb places a very high premium on Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) considerations in all its activities. Although many companies have their own safety standards with which we are obliged to comply during our operations, it has always been our policy to strive towards the improvement of safe and healthy working practices and conditions.

Foreign and local companies operating in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria must register with the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), the statutory body for policies and regulation of the oil & gas industry. We are registered with the DPR and have a permit to operate as an Oil Industry Service Company.