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Drilling-Related Services

Honikomb is fully capable and ready to run the most effective and exceptional drilling-related services in Nigeria and has proven itself as an essential partner in meeting the solids control and drilling waste management needs of our clients


Solids Control Equipment & Services

Pipeline Construction

Since 2007, Honikomb has provided solids control expertise to oil and gas clients in Nigeria. We offer a complete range of solids control services, in addition to technical support and equipment supply, required to meet the rigorous demands of today’s drilling industry.

Our technical and operational staff has several years’ experience in the solids control field and takes pride in offering cost-effective solutions and regular communication.

We provide solids control services with the following supporting equipment:
  • Cuttings dryers
  • Shale shakers
  • Mud coolers
  • Centrifuges
  • Hi G Dryers/Dryers
  • Degassers
  • Shaker screens
  • Desilter and desanders

Drilling Waste Management

Storage Tank Construction

Proper management of fluids and solids during the drilling process is critical. Honikomb can offer cost-effective solutions for treatment of drilling related wastes including a comprehensive range of equipment and services for solids control, cuttings containment and handling, recycling and recovery, waste water treatment, filtration and disposal as well as engineering services for drilling waste management designs for mud tank systems and liquid mud plant design.

Capabilities include:

  • Oil and water-based cuttings and waste collection from rig site to processing facility.
  • Transportation of drilling wastes to waste storage/transfer/treatment sites
  • Provision of drilled cuttings / waste treatment services and equipment with thermal desorption unit
  • Provision of drilling waste test equipment
  • Disposal of resulting solids and liquids from drilling waste treatment and return of the recovered oil
  • Provision of support facilities for drilling waste treatment and transportation / logistics