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Asset Safety Services

HoniKomb's Asset and Safety services are designed to enable and support safe, steady operations. Our services range from offering rig inspections, audits and compliance work to the provision of certified training courses for oil company, contractor and government personnel

Rig Inspection & Audits

Pipeline Construction

The Honikomb-RigTech partnership provides independent assessment of the integrity, efficiency, effectiveness and reliability of equipment and management systems and draws up plans for corrective action. Investigations and assessments address:

  • Equipment – whether equipment is fit for purpose and configured to meet operational needs
  • Process- whether operational processes support regulatory compliance and meet the requirements of the operator
  • Personnel – whether operating personnel have the competence and certification to perform the required work
  • Response Capability – whether adequate preparation has been made to deal with an incident, control potential escalations and mitigate loss or damage

Recommended corrective actions are based on industry best practice and client requirements.

Action items are tracked post-audit to ensure that they are satisfactorily addressed


Training for Drilling Personnel

Storage Tank Construction

Honikomb and RigTech offer a number of formal training courses, which have been developed to enhance and improve the base knowledge of drilling rig and drilling rig-related personnel, cover a variety of drilling related subjects, and are targeted at different levels of experience and expertise.

All courses are accredited by the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) to ensure the industry’s required optimum standards are reached by candidates attending a course. Course venues are flexible, and courses can be held in Nigeria, or within training facilities of our Partner in Aberdeen or elsewhere to satisfy specific requirements of the client. The duration of courses vary from four to five days, dependent on the course under consideration.

Example courses include:

  • An Introduction to Drilling and Drilling Rigs
  • Surface Well Control Equipment
  • Rig Inspection
  • Hydraulics for Drilling Units
  • Rig Electrician Course, Levels 1 and 2
  • Rig Mechanic Course, Level 1
  • Rig Mechanic Course, Level 2 for Floaters and Jack Ups